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Innovative Tofu cat litter-milk

Innovative Tofu cat litter-milk

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  1. Strong water absorption: Innovative cat litter uses biodegradable soy bean  as its raw material, and its water absorption performance is strong, which can quickly absorb cat urine and effectively prevent odor. Our innovative cat litter is produced by grinding and processing traditional cat litter and filtering the dust again to achieve a dust-free effect, while also optimizing the clumping ability of the cat litter.

  2. Natural and eco-friendly: Innovative cat litter's main component is natural materials, which does not contain chemical additives and artificial materials, is environmentally friendly, and easy to decompose.

  3. Antibacterial and deodorizing: Innovative cat litter has a strong antibacterial and deodorizing effect, which can effectively reduce bacteria and odors in the litter box, keeping the air fresh.

  4. Dust-free design: Innovative cat litter uses a dust-free design, which can reduce irritation to the respiratory system of cats and family members, and is more hygienic for the home environment.

  5. Lightweight and easy to clean: Innovative cat litter particles are light and easy to clean and replace, and will not produce dust and debris like some traditional cat litter.

  6. Long-lasting use: Innovative cat litter has strong water absorption performance and generally lasts longer than ordinary cat litter, making it more economical and practical.

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